Why should We Purchase an Ice Fishing Hook?

A compelling hook engages a listener’s emotions in music. In sales, a good hook closes the deal. An appropriately sized, excellent quality hook gets the fish to the surface when ice fishing.

There is a seemingly endless variety of Ice Fishing Hook sizes and types in any bait shop. If you want to choose the right hook size for ice fishing, it is important to understand how hooks are sized and what uses each type of hook is intended for.

Ice Fishing Hook

What makes up a Ice Fishing Hook?

Fish hooks are made up of more than just a point. They have an eye, a shaft, a bend, and a barb. Of course, the eye is the point of an ice fishing hook, but it is also the part that brings the most value.

Although department store hooks, such as the Eagle Claw brand, will catch fish, you can be sure of good hook sets in gamefish by spending a little more and buying high-end brands like Gamakatsu or Black Magic hooks.

Ice Fishing Hook


A J-hook is a hook we’re all familiar with. As the name implies, it’s shape like a “J.”. It works great with worms, cut bait, egg sacks, and on some lures.

A circle hook has a unique feature: its point is off-center. The design derives from Japan’s centuries-old fishing practices. The off-centered point allows the hook to screw itself into fish’s mouths.

Ice Fishing Hook

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